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Config Lab Challenge 1 (NAT)

September 1st, 2015 Go to comments

Refer to the exhibit. You are tasked to configure Internet access for the users in your company. Your ISP has given you six public IP addresses in the range of .
Your company has 62 hosts that need to access internet at the same time. They are using private IP addresses in the – range.

Basic router configuration has been configured. Your tasks are:
+ Configure NAT on R1 so that all hosts can have Internet access at the same time
+ Configure appropriate interfaces for NAT translation


Please access this lab challenge via this link: http://congressreiki.ranm.org/?all=lab_challenges/Config_Lab_Challenge_1/Config_Lab_Challenge_1.html

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  1. Lourdes
    September 27th, 2019

    Yeah. The command check is not working here.

  2. benny
    October 2nd, 2019

    doesnt check ur answer lol

  3. Joris
    February 16th, 2020

    Still not checking the answer till now…

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