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EtherChannel Questions

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Question 1


In fact answer B is also correct as STP considers Etherchannel links as one physical link so this question should have three correct answers. But answer B is not as obvious as the other two answers so we should choose them.

Question 2


The Static Persistence (or “on” mode) bundles the links unconditionally and no negotiation protocol is used. In this mode, neither PAgP nor LACP packets are sent or received.

Question 3


From the neighbor status, we notice the “Flags” are SP. “P” here means the neighbor is in Passive mode. In order to create an Etherchannel interface, the (local) SW1 ports should be in Active mode. Moreover, the “Port State” in the exhibit is “0x3c” (which equals to “00111100″ in binary format). Bit 3 is “1” which means the ports are synchronizing -> the ports are working so the local ports should be in Active mode.

Reference: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/lan/catalyst3650/software/release/3se/consolidated_guide/command_reference/b_consolidated_3650_3se_cr/b_consolidated_3650_3se_cr_chapter_0100.pdf

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