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Question 1

Question 2


The Southbound API is used to communicate with network devices.


Question 3

Question 4


OpenFlow is a well-known southbound API. OpenFlow defines the way the SDN Controller should interact with the forwarding plane to make adjustments to the network, so it can better adapt to changing business requirements.

The Network Configuration Protocol (NetConf) uses Extensible Markup Language (XML) to install, manipulate and delete configuration to network devices.

Other southbound APIs are:
+ onePK: a Cisco proprietary SBI to inspect or modify the network element configuration without hardware upgrades.
+ OpFlex: an open-standard, distributed control system. It send “summary policy” to network elements.

Question 5


Most traditional devices use a distributed architecture, in which each control plane is resided in a networking device. Therefore they need to communicate with each other via messages to work correctly.

In contrast to distributed architecture, centralized (or controller-based) architectures centralizes the control of networking devices into one device, called SDN controller -> Answer D is correct.


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    Good to see about SDN .. Can you put some stuff on SDWAN as well


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