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Trunking Questions

March 16th, 2020 Go to comments

Question 1


From the output we see the native VLAN of Switch1 on Gi0/1 interface is VLAN 1 while that of Switch2 is VLAN 99 so there would be a native VLAN mismatch.

Question 2


Maybe this question is missing the “SW2 is set to Dynamic Auto” part so we assume this part to find out the best answer. Dynamic Desirable + Dynamic Desirable/Dynamic Auto/Trunk will form a trunk link.

Question 3


The trunk still forms with mismatched native VLANs and the traffic can actually flow between mismatched switches. But it is absolutely necessary that the native VLANs on both ends of a trunk link match; otherwise a native VLAN mismatch occurs, causing the two VLANs to effectively merge. For example with the above configuration, SW1 would send untagged frames for VLAN 999. SW2 receives them but would think they are for VLAN 99 so we can say these two VLANs are merged.

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